The Buffalo Bills are offering discounted Game tickets for all NEYSA member organization’s parents and players for three home games in the upcoming 2014 regular season.  The games are as follows: Kansas City Chiefs on November 9; Cleveland Browns on November 30 and the New York Jets on November 23.

Pricing goes from $39.00 to $50.00 for the Bronze games (Kansas City Chiefs and Cleveland Browns) and $45.00 to $57.00 for the Silver game (New York Jets).  Please see the chart below for the ticket level locations.


Individual Game Silver Bronze
100 Level II; 300 Level I $57 $50
100 Level III; 300 Level II $50 $45
100 Level IV; 200 Level I; 300 Level III $45 $39
300 Level IV $45 $39

For contact information to purchase these specially offered tickets, please click on the link below:

Buffalo Bills ticket offer to NEYSA

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