Click here for the 2018 NEYSA Regular Season Schedule
PLEASE NOTE: The schedule may change, so confirm the date, time, and location of your game with your coach before you leave for the field.


NEYSA is a 2018 USA Football “Head’s Up Football” Certified League

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NEYSA is a 2018 NFL FLag Football organization

NEYSA is pleased to post our 2018 NEYSA NFL Flag Football Regular Season Game Schedule:

2018 Game schedule May 7 Rev. 4

Games will be held on Sundays, except for Mother’s Day, throughout the season. The Town of Niagara Veteran’s Memorial Park will be a permanent host of our Sunday games. Other member organizations, like Niagara Falls Junior, North Tonawanda and Pendleton, will have the opportunity to host a set of games throughout the season. 

Our NFL Flag Football program is supported by the Buffalo Bills Foundation, which is helping to offset the registration fee for each athlete.  Thanks to the Buffalo Bills Foundation, the fee is only $10.00.

There are five divisions, with a maximum of 12 players per teams, as follows:

Mini         5-6 years old*

Pee Wee   7-8 years old*

Freshmen 9-10 years old*

Junior Varsity 11-12 years old*

Varsity  13-14 years old

*NOTE: All of the divisions are Co-Ed except the Varsity division.

The following member organizations are participating in our inaugural season:  Cheektowaga; Clarence; Lewiston Porter; Lockport; Niagara Falls Junior; Niagara Wheatfield; North Tonawanda and Pendleton.

Practices and games will be held at the member organization’s locations or partner locations, such as the Town of Niagara’s Veteran’s Memorial Park, throughout Niagara and Erie County.

Each organization will establish their own practice schedule and location.  NEYSA allows a maximum of two (2) practices per week with each practice not to exceed 1 1/2 hours.

Flyers for each member organization with their contact information is located in the following links:

Cheektowaga Flyer

Clarence Flyer

Lewiston Porter Flyer

Lockport Flyer

Niagara Falls Junior Flyer

Niagara Wheatfield Flyer

North Tonawanda Flyer

Pendleton Flyer

Each athlete must be pre-registered with their organization.  Registration can be done by two methods.  Check with the member organization closest to you and find out their registration process.  Most of them will be conducting registration electronically but some may require in-person registration.  If in-person registration is required, the parent can download the registration form below and print and complete the information by the parent/guardian of the athlete or registration and submitted to their organization with the registration fee.

Registration closes on April 2 so that all of the equipment and jerseys can be ordered.  The official registration form is available below.

NEYSA NFL Flag Football Registration Form

Also each parent and player must download, print and fill out a “Code of Conduct” form and provide it to their member organization.  That form is available below.

Parent and Player Code of Conduct

Once the athlete is registered with their organization, they are eligible to apply to USA Football to obtain a free USA Football Parent and Player membership as well as an Accident and Health Insurance policy for their player.

Parents can visit https://www.nflflag.com/register and create a Parent account to access resources and complete the Participation Agreement for their player.  Once the parent creates their account, they should associate with Niagara Erie Youth Sports Association (NEYSA) by searching in the search field.

Follow the directions to add your player by completing the required information and clicking to agree to the participation information on their Dashboard.

NEYSA is a Charter Organization with the National Alliance of Youth Sports (NAYS)

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Follow us on Facebook

The Niagara Erie Youth Sports Association (NEYSA), established in 2014, is a youth sports organization created and managed to promote the wholesome development of youth athletes through their association with adult leaders. Rules and regulations are established to ensure the participants play in an atmosphere of safety with a competitive balance between teams.

NEYSA is dedicated to teaching our community’s youth through positive role models with an emphasis on learning, playing and enjoying the sport while instilling high moral standards.

NEYSA’s goal is to mentor our community’s youth by helping them become leaders and teammates and guiding their development into adulthood while stressing the importance of academic achievement and community involvement. NEYSA participants will learn to foster confidence, gain a solid sense of self-worth and learn to manage a balance between school activities, family and community.

Sportsmanship, teamwork, honesty, responsibility and self-discipline are among the traits needed by our youth to face the future with positive aspirations and confidence. When NEYSA leaders teach our participants positive lessons through sports, our young athletes will learn to live by the rules as they grow and expand their opportunities and have a higher expectation of themselves and those they choose to interact with, throughout their lifetime.

NEYSA is committed to providing a program that maintains the highest standards and promoting a fun experience for all of our participants, under the direction and collaboration of all participating organizations in our League.

If your organization is interested in joining NEYSA, complete this form and email your completed form to our secretary, Bill Casale, for review by the league.


2018 NEYSA Constitution and By-Laws Revised March 8, 2018

2018 NEYSA Rules and Regulations Revision March 30, 2018



President: Ray Turpin Contact email
Vice President: Mark Ziegler
Secretary: Bill Casale, Niagara Falls Jr.
Treasurer: John Wright, KAT
Statistician: John Molly, Niagara Falls Jr.


Auditing: John Lloyd (Chair)
Scheduling: Mark Ziegler (Chair); Ken Genova, Grand Island and Dave McAninch, Lockport
CheerLisa Finiki-Hitzges, TFC
Membership and By-Laws: Bill Casale, Niagara Falls Jr.
Co-op/VendorsJoe D’Amaro, Cheektowaga
Social Media
: Sean Becker
Powder Puff: Vacant
: John Molly, Niagara Falls Jr. and Bill Casale, Niagara Falls Jr.
Disciplinary: Shawn Williams (Chair); Mark Ziegler; John Lloyd and Bill Casale, Niagara Falls Jr.
NFL Flag Football: 

Commissioners and Representatives:

Blackrock/Riverside: Jim Rogan, Cody Brant
Buffalo: James Mallory
Cheektowaga: Joe D’Amaro, Raymond Grosch
Clarence: Tim Ryan, Paul Johnson
Grand Island: Ken Genova, Kelly Rosetti
KAT: John Wright, Rocky Palmiero
Lancaster: Chuck Geary, Jim Chojnicki
Lew-Port: Scott Hoyle, Joe Niccola
Lockport: Dave McAninch, Willie Harden
Niagara Falls Junior: Ron Cirrito, Bill Casale
Niagara Wheatfield: Anthony Mathews, Jim Vandenberg
North Tonawanda: Kevin Luss, Jon DiVirgilio
Pendleton: Mike Argentieri, Brian LaPlante
Tonawanda Football Clinic: Dan Coads
Town of Tonawanda Football: Dan Crangle, Kerry Riley
Williamsville: Russ Morley, Boomer Connell,
Wilson: Bill Atlas, Jeff Ernest

NFL Flag Football Coordinators:

Cheektowaga: Joe D’Amaro
Clarence: Jason Mueller
Lew-Port: Scott Hoyle
Lockport: Willie Harden
Niagara Falls Junior: Kevin Klinger
Niagara Wheatfield: Kristin Clark
North Tonawanda: Angelo Leo
Pendleton: Alan Spina

2 thoughts on “About NEYSA

  1. Finally………..Unlimited weights which will allow all youth to participate and learn the game at all levels. After all of these years you got it done. Great job NEYSA !!!!!

    • Thank you for all your years of service as well, Coach Tuzzo. It has been a long time coming but we were finally successful thanks to the forward thinking of our member organizations.

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