The Niagara Erie Youth Sports Association (NEYSA), established in 2014, is a youth sports organization created and managed to promote the wholesome development of youth athletes through their association with adult leaders. Rules and regulations are established to ensure the participants play in an atmosphere of safety with a competitive balance between teams.

NEYSA is dedicated to teaching our community’s youth through positive role models with an emphasis on learning, playing and enjoying the sport while instilling high moral standards.

NEYSA’s goal is to mentor our community’s youth by helping them become leaders and teammates and guiding their development into adulthood while stressing the importance of academic achievement and community involvement. NEYSA participants will learn to foster confidence, gain a solid sense of self-worth and learn to manage a balance between school activities, family and community.

Sportsmanship, teamwork, honesty, responsibility and self-discipline are among the traits needed by our youth to face the future with positive aspirations and confidence. When NEYSA leaders teach our participants positive lessons through sports, our young athletes will learn to live by the rules as they grow and expand their opportunities and have a higher expectation of themselves and those they choose to interact with, throughout their lifetime.

NEYSA is committed to providing a program that maintains the highest standards and promoting a fun experience for all of our participants, under the direction and collaboration of all participating organizations in our League.



President: Ray Turpin Contact email
Vice President: Mark Ziegler
Secretary: Bill Casale
Treasurer: Jonathan DiVirgilio, North Tonawanda
Statistician: John Molly, Niagara Falls Jr.


Auditing: John Lloyd (Chair)
Scheduling: Mark Ziegler (Chair), Mike Argentieri, Pendleton
CheerTrista Mae Kennerknecht
Membership and By-Laws: Bill Casale
Social Media
: Sean Becker
: John Molly, Niagara Falls Jr. and Bill Casale
Disciplinary: Shawn Williams (Chair); Mark Ziegler, John Lloyd and Bill Casale
WNYAFA Committee: Shawn Williams (Chair) and Mark Ziegler
NFL Flag Football:
Ethics and Compliance:
Shawn Williams (Chair)

Commissioners and Representatives:

Blackrock/Riverside: Jim Rogan,
Buffalo: James Mallory, Vince Staples
Clarence: Jason Mueller, Mike Niezgoda
Grand Island: Megan Shores, Kari Chelikowsky
Lew-Port: Scott Hoyle, Katie Hoyle
Lockport: Josh Stivers, Willie Harden
Niagara Falls Junior: Ron Cirrito, Chuck Fink
Niagara Wheatfield: Steven Harris
North Tonawanda: Christopher Duhan, Jon DiVirgilio
Pendleton: Mike Argentieri, Chris Berry
Tonawanda Football Clinic: Brandon McGuire, Jonathan Frank
Williamsville: Russ Morley, Doug Horsmon
Wilson: Bill Atlas, Web Nashwinter

NFL Flag Football Coordinators: