4 thoughts on “Standings, Results & Schedules

  1. Ridiculous all the games are on Sundays. Buffalo is a football town. At least change the date to Saturday for the Bills home games. Give us the crappy refs if need be. People that have kids in football are likely NFL fans.

    • Jeff,
      Thank you for your comment regarding the NEYSA scheduled games. As most of our member organizations play on High School fields, it would be very difficult for the League to schedule and play on those fields on Saturdays as the High Schools’ varsity and junior varsity teams play on Saturday. Yes, we do have some member organizations that play on their own fields but in the interest of remaining consistent for all of our member organizations, the League decided unanimously to play our League games on Sundays.

      Also, our athletes deserve to have the best referees possible so they may experience the game without some of the significant issues that have occurred in the past. The League decided to contract with an Official’s organization that would provide our athletes with the best game experience they could have and that particular organization (which also officiates the high school games) had greater availability on Sundays.

      We understand that as a NFL fan, you would like the opportunity to attend/watch the Bill’s home games however being a League that is dedicated to the development of our young men and women, the League feels that the best opportunity to provide the best game times for our athletes was to have the games on Sundays.

      Thank you for your thoughts.

      • Vince, thank you for your comment. We do not select member organizations based upon their fields. We select them based on their values and commitment to the youth of their area. The entire regular season schedule is played at a variety of stadiums, including some high schools. However, we do strive to provide the best playing surface for the Championship games, which in most cases is on a high school field. Again thank you for your comments.

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